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How to Layer Necklaces without Tangling

Camille Turner

Posted on July 13 2018

How to layer necklaces without tangling

Layering necklaces is such a hot trend and has been for a while. Layering necklaces can create many looks depending on the length, style and the number of necklaces you decide to add. I would love to say there is a way to keep necklaces from tangling 100 percent of the time, but no matter what there will be tangles from time to time but my tips will help you tangle less often.

Pick your lengths wisely. You may think the best thing to do is to layer necklaces an inch away from each other but I say gap them more. For example I would buy a 14 inch, an 18 inch and 24 inch necklace. They are so far away when they lay on your neck it really keeps them for balling into each other.

Vary your weights. If you have several dainty necklaces that you adore throw in a thicker necklace. The change in weight will leave them free of competition on your neck and help them create their own paths to perfection.

Add them backwards. It makes sense to add necklaces in the order of length but if they are all the same thickness then add the longest necklace first. I can’t really tell you the science so to speak of why this works but for some reason it just does. So add your longest first and complete your dream look.

Necklace detangler - Yes, you can purchase a necklace detangler but you will still want to keep these tips in mind because even with a necklace detangler, your necklaces may still tangle.

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