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6 Self-Care Ideas

Camille Turner

Posted on July 13 2018

Self-care tips

Self-care does not have to be difficult or hard. “Self-care” seems like a new concept, but it’s not. In the past, people would call it “me time.” I love ‘me time’, and for a while I would over-do it, simply because I love my own company. Scheduling “you” time is very important. Basically, you are rejuvenating so that you can be the best version of yourself. If you know an introvert, they naturally do this and they do it regularly.

Here are some self-care ideas that will change your day:

1. Audiobook and Podcast - Listening to the inspiring stories of others can really change your mood, depending on what you have going on in your life. Hearing from other business owners keeps me up beat and focused on my vision.

2. Avoid your triggers like gangbusters - I don't know why I used that phrase because I am not 100 percent sure what “gangbusters” means, LOL-- I should probably Google that. So, “avoid your triggers like the plague” is what I am saying. Say ‘no’ to things that upset you or put you in a certain headspace.

3. Nap or restful sleep - I’m not a huge fan of napping. I used to be, but now I sort of hate it, I would rather be up doing something, rather than sleeping! However, as of late, I am starting to realize the power in laying down to rest. With rest, your brain can process the information that it needs to settle. I'm pretty sure there is science behind that somewhere.

4. Go for a walk - I love, Love, LOVE going for walks with my friends! I get out there and go. Sometimes I vent, sometimes they vent, and then, we just relax and enjoy the fresh air. You need to have good friends for this one. If your friend is going to call you “stupid” and be mean, consider new friends first…. and then, walk with them.

5. Take a shower or bath - Either decision can be a good decision. Do whatever works for you.

6. Meditation- Meditation is a game changer. I’ve been meditating for a while and it's been awesome! I highly encourage you to try it. Meditation sounds like this ‘uber spiritual thing’ that’s hard…but it just isn't. Literally lay down or sit down and focus on your breathing to relax your body. I add visualization to this time, but you don't have to, and when your mind wanders… politely and slowly remind yourself to focus on your breathing, and that's it. The concept is to relax and to not force anything.

Well, there you have it. Get to bettering yourself!

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