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Tips For Traveling With Jewelry

Camille Turner

Posted on January 21 2019

Every lady loves her jewelry. You can hardly dress up without it, much less travel and leave it at home. Having a collection of jewelry is ideal because it ensures you have a variety of accessories to choose from for every event and occasion.

Jewelry is super portable and can be carried almost everywhere. However, some people consider traveling without it for several reasons. The most common reasons are safety and packing. Jewelry holds both emotional and financial value. So, how do you travel with it and keep your peace of mind? Read on to learn a few tips.

1.Take pictures

After deciding which jewelry to take with you, the next step is to take a picture of each piece. Make sure the picture is clear and stored safely in your phone. You can also write a list to back up the pictures. These steps are important, so you know what you traveled with.

2. Pack the basics

Pack pieces that go with everything. Minimalist simple jewelry can go with every outfit you own. This way you are packing less but still making a statement.

3. Store jewelry properly

Aside from safety and security, another vital aspect of traveling with jewelry is storing or packing it. If your pieces of jewelry are not properly stored, they can get damaged. Use a jewelry travel case or jewelry organizer to pack them during travel. Other DIY methods include using a pillbox, plastic bags, sealable snack cups or buttons. Straws are also useful for packing chains to prevent them from getting tangled. 


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